• Nice to meet you!

    Avid hiker and swimmer. Food and drink making enthusiast. Aspiring graphic novelist and tattoo apprentice. Tea connoisseur. Mood playlist curator. Current writer, artist, scientist, and plant dad.

    I'm a Gilliam Fellow and NSF GRFP Fellow in the Department of Genome Sciences (Beliveau and Noble labs) at the University of Washington where I develop technology to study and image satellite DNA in human genomes with unprecedented detail using microscopy techniques. With my work, I aim to develop tools that will allow researchers to understand the contributions of satellite DNA in the context of global 3D genome organization, human and model organism evolution, and human disease. As I navigating my experiences as a trans, first-gen, Latinx person from rural communities in Yucatán, Michoacán, and Jamundí in the diaspora, I'm passionate about making STEM more accessible for historically excluded individuals. I co-founded the Genome Sciences Association for the Inclusion of Marginalized Students (GSAIMS) in 2019 to provide peer support and mentorship to aid individuals as they transition and navigate through their careers in STEM. Further, I also develop workshops, curricula, and art centered on story-telling within and beyond STEM. I am currently writing memoir and graphic novel based on my lived experiences and educational aspirations. When I'm not in the lab or at my computer, you can probably find me biking around Seattle, exploring coffee shops, drawing in my sketchbook, and sending friends photos of random cats I find on walks.
  • Education 

    University of Washington Seattle

    Ph.D. Genome Sciences

    Data Science Track

    • NSF GRFP Fellow
    • Co-founder GSAIMS

    DePauw University

    B.S. Biochemistry, Minors: Computer Science and Spanish

    • Magna Cum Laude
    • Ferid Murad Award Winner
    • Goldwater Scholar
    • Phi Beta Kappa