>I'M ROBIN!






    Ph.D. candidate

    in the Beliveau and Noble labs at the University of Washington, Department of Genome Sciences.


    I'm a technology developer, computational biologist, activist, writer, and illustrator.


  • About me

    My research seeks to develop computational tools to help the field of genomics learn how satellite DNA is organized and contributes to 3D genome organization. Satellite DNA has often been described as genomic 'dark matter', as little is known about its overall role in organizing the genome and how these regions contribute to human health and disease. With my computational tools, I will leverage single-cell microscopy techniques to help solve this challenge.


    I'm also an activist for making STEM more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, first-gen scholars, people with disabilities, and DACA students. I'm the co-founder of the Genome Sciences Association for the Inclusion of Minority Students (GSAIMS). In the Department of Genome Sciences, we have hosted events for community members to unpack their identities, experiences, and narratives in STEM. I aim to build workshops centered on story-telling in science that provide opportunities for under-represented scientists to share their voices and perspectives.


    You can also find me drawing and writing creative pieces that are sometimes science related! I love utilizing different mediums from pen and ink to digital art to convey clean, simple, and engaging pieces that communicate beauty in science and nature.

  • Education

    University of Washington - Seattle

    Ph.D. Candidate in Genome Sciences

    Data Science Track

    • NSF GRFP Fellow
    • Co-founder GSAIMS

    DePauw University

    B.S. Biochemistry

    Minors: Computer Science and Spanish

    • Magna Cum Laude
    • Ferid Murad Award Winner
    • Goldwater Scholar
    • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Publications

    *formerly Elizabeth Aguilar


    Telis, N., Aguilar, R., & Harris, K. (2019). Selection against archaic DNA in human regulatory regions. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 708230.


    Bastida-Ruiz, D., Aguilar, E., Ditisheim, A., Yart, L., & Cohen, M. (2017). Endoplasmic reticulum stress responses in placentation-A true balancing act. Placenta, 57, 163-169.

  • In the Works

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