• Resources

    Here you can find reflection exercises, advice, how-to guides, and tips for navigating academic milestones.

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    Applying for the Gilliam Fellowship

    Advice. prompts, and reflection exercises included

    Here, I share a bit about writing tips and exercises that helped me stay organized for working on the Gilliam Fellowship when I applied in 2020 and was awarded the fellowship in 2021.

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    Storytelling Prompts as shared at Reclaiming STEM 2021

    Here are PDF versions of prompts that can be used as writing worksheets for brainstorming.

    These are prompts that I featured at my workshop titled, "Curating Your Narrative: Navigating Mindful Storytelling Within and Beyond Academic Spaces".

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    Storytelling beyond Fellowships: Science Writing, Creative Writing, and Community Building

    Reflection exercises to help with writers block in these areas.

    Here, I provide a number of additional reflection exercises that can be used to supplement the storytelling prompts shared at Reclaiming STEM 2021 conference. Other resources for organizing writing are also provided here.