• Publications

    *formerly Elizabeth Aguilar


    Aguilar, R. "Breaking the binary by coming out as a trans scientist." Nature 591.7849 (2021): 334-335.


    Telis, N., Aguilar, R., & Harris, K. (2019). Selection against archaic DNA in human regulatory regions. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 708230.


    Bastida-Ruiz, D., Aguilar, E., Ditisheim, A., Yart, L., & Cohen, M. (2017). Endoplasmic reticulum stress responses in placentation-A true balancing act. Placenta, 57, 163-169.

  • Current Projects

    My current research projects, leadership, and curricula development.


    June 2019-Present

    Tigerfish is a software tool I am developing to design oligonucleotide-based FISH probes capable of performing multiplexed imaging of satellite DNA in single cells. Applications of Tigerfish may be used to validate genome assemblies, survey chromosome aberrations, and study 3D genome organization in highly repetitive genomic regions.


    June 2019-Present

    FISHtank is a pan-genomic database being developed in SQL to provide genome-wide datasets of oligo probes against satellite DNA in model organisms. This community resource will be used for oligo FISH probe design that is readily accessible to users and may be widely applicable for evolutionary biology studies.

    Genome Sciences Association for the Inclusion of Marginalized Students (GSAIMS)

    January 2018-Present

    Genome Sciences Association for the Inclusion of Marginalized Students (GSAIMS) is a group of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars interested in expanding the spaces and support for Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA2S+ individuals, people with disabilities, DACA Dreamers, first-generation scholars, and those who have experienced oppression in STEM. We are a trainee led organization in the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington. We aim to provide peer support, mentorship, and guidance to aid individuals as they transition and navigate through their graduate and professional careers. We seek to provide opportunities for students to participate in events that will allow for inclusive and intersectional dialogue for all participants. GSAIMS aspires to provide a closer connection to more diverse student organizations within UW and outreach opportunities in Seattle.

    Teaching Genomics from a Perspective Social Justice and Queer Liberation.

    June 2020-Present

    Currently, the field of genomics lacks comprehensive curricula and workshops supporting Black, Indigenous, and scientists of color at the intersections of LGBTQIA2S+ identity while addressing anti-Blackness, xenophobia, racism, disability, and low-income economic status. With my work, I aim to create and develop curricula and workshops that center racial justice and queer liberation.


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